19 April 2008

dinner for four ~ the aftermath

not suprising, dinner was just about perfect last night and we all had a great time. it was so great to have friends over again...it's been awhile!

dinner was great, with only one minor mis-hap. as i mentioned yesterday, the steaks here are very small. not only are the small in size, they are also thinner than the steaks at home. and as we learned this morning they have a much lower fat content. that is great, however, because of those differences they have to be cooked completely different so that they don't turn out grey and chewy. like i said, we found this out this morning. last night they were a little gray and a little chewy. luckily i bought worchestire sauce (for the brit and me), so everyone just poured that all over them and they were fine. next time they will be pink all the way through!

as is custom in amsterdam we didn't begin dinner until well after 9'oclock, which allowed pleanty of time for the wine to flow before hand. i like the idea of wine first and dinner second...it makes for a much more fun meal! ;-)

i look forward to many more dinners to come.

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